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Rhode Island Oysters

Salt Pond Select – Narragansett, Rhode Island: 3” – 4”

Salt Pond Selects are grown in Point Judith Pond (also home to Moonstones). Their large meats have an extremely sweet and simultaneously tannic taste, which makes them a very popular raw bar oyster. Available year round.

Moonstone – Wakefield, Rhode Island: 3.5” – 4”

Grown in Point Judith Pond, Moonstones are large oysters with very deep cups. They have a strong, full- bodied brine start and a lingering a tannic finish. Available year round.

Matunucks – Matunuck, Rhode Island: 3”

Choice Grown on Potter’s Pond, this oyster’s petite cup is brimming with plump meat that has a crisp, briny start and a sweet aftertaste. They’re also known as Potter Cove or Potter Moon oysters. Available September through June.

Ninigret – Charlestown, Rhode Island: 3”

Known as Ninigret Cups, these oysters go through a very complex growing process. However, their taste is well worth all the effort – a buttery sweet start with a gentle salt finish. Available September through June.

Rome Point – North Kingston, Rhode Island: 3” – 3.5”

Rome Points are grown in Narragansett Bay under oceanic conditions. Often described as a “full strength” salt-water oyster, they have a big mineral flavor, equally paired with brine. Available year round.

East Beach Blondes – Rhode Island: 3” – 3.5”

Choice These “blonde” beauties are grown in the Charlestown Salt Pond, East Beach, RI. They have a salty start with a buttery aftertaste. Available September through June.

Wild Goose – Rhode Island: 3” – 4”

These oysters are grown in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay often described as a drowned river valley carved by ice age glaciers. They have a rich mineral ocean flavor with a creamy aftertaste. Available September through March.

Cedar Island – Rhode Island: 3”

Choice Cedar Islands are grown in a variety of salt ponds around Rhode Island. Harvested by the grower of the Moonstone oyster (says it all!), they start with a strong burst of brine and end with a sweet, buttery finish. Available September through March.