Cape Cod Shellfish and Seafood has a private line of shellfish that will keep you coming back for more! Brands like Cape Select Shellfish, Cape Select Crabs, Icy Blue Mussels, and Maine Blue Mussels are names you can trust, knowing that you are ordering the freshest shellfish available on the world market. Find out how you can build brand loyalty and increase your sales. Call and ask a representative about our private label program today or email us at

Cape Select ShellfishCape Select Shellfish

Be selective about your shellfish! At Cape Cod Shellfish we are so particular about our shellfish that we’ve created our very own private label, Cape Select. This brand includes a wide assortment of shellfish including hard shell clams, soft shell clams, and much more! Straight from the ocean to you, Cape Select Shellfish is always ultra fresh. Certain products are seasonal; please call for availability.

Cape Select Soft Shell CrabCape Select Soft Shell Crab

Our Cape Select Soft Shell Crabs are blue crabs that are captured in their molted state (soft shell stage) so that their full shell is edible. Whether these meaty crustaceans are fried, grilled or broiled, they are regarded as a true delicacy of Chesapeake Bay. Season availability is normally May through October. They are packed in specially designed trays to prevent breakage.

Icy Blue Mussels

Icy Blue premium P.E.I. mussels are a private label of Cape Cod Shellfish. Harvested from the clean, cold waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada; they are “rope grown” in mesh stockings that are suspended from long lines. These beautiful, hand selected mussels are tender and sweet. They have a uniform look, appealing color, high meat yield, and require little prep work. Always in season, available year round.

Green Isle MusselsGreen Isle Mussels

Green Isle Mussels are a brand inspired by the lush aquaculture of Prince Edward Island. They are hand-farmed by local fisherman in the rich Gulf of St. Lawrence. Green Isle Mussels are visually fetching with any dish and are flourishing with sumptuous meat. Always in season, available year round.

Pure Island Blue MusselsPure Island Blue Mussels

Our muse for the Pure Island Blue Mussels brand was the basking beaches of Prince Edward Island. The clean, clear water where they are harvested results in a pure and natural premium mussel. With a taste akin to the harmony of the sea and the beauty of a hand-plucked shell, Pure Island Blue Mussels are a brand that is sure to please.

Black Ice MusselsBlack Ice Mussels

These mussels are harvested from the Canadian providence of Newfoundland. The nutrient rich and crisp icy currents of the Arctic feed these sweet and succulent mussels. They are visually appealing and deliciously plump. Always in season, available year round.

Maine Blue MusselsMaine Blue Mussels

Grown naturally in the icy waters of the Atlantic, Maine Blue Mussels are an exclusive label from Cape Cod Shellfish. Maine Blues are a New England favorite and often used in traditional clambakes. They have a unique, sweet taste and supple meats. Always in season, available year round.

Organic Choice MusselsOrganic Choice Mussels


Momma Mia OystersMomma Mia Oysters



Cupid's Choice OystersCupid’s Choice Oysters