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Mid-Atlantic Oysters

Shooting Point – Nassawadox Creek, Virginia : 2.75” – 3”+

These oysters define unspoiled seaside The Atlantic tide rushing across white sand and brushed by the peat of the pristine marshes of the Atlantic Coast Reserve result in the purest form of salt oyster. Shells with honey hues, slightly sweet plump meats, and an incredible pure brine finish that can only be equated to kissing the sea herself.

Virginia – Various Harvest Locations 2.75″ – 3″+

Virginia oysters have plump meats with a whisper of salty sweetness and a distinct mineral finish. Available year round.

Delaware – Delaware Bay, New Jersey: 3” – 4”

Delaware Bay’s fresh waters mix with the Atlantic Ocean, creating an amazing estuary. Delaware oysters have substantial, thick meats that are sweet and nutty, coupled with a sharp brine essence. Available year round.

Chesapeake – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland: 2.75″ – 3″+

Chesapeake Bay isn’t famous just for their soft shell crabs, but also their oysters – known in circles as “Chesapeake White Gold.” Their fat, creamy meats are a perfect harmony of brine and sweet. Available October through June.

Chincoteague – Chincoteague Island, Virginia: 2.75” – 3”+

The crisp, salty waters of the Atlantic flowing through the Chincoteague Inlet feed these oysters. Chincoteague’s meats are large and salty. Available year round.

Bayford (Salt Works) – Virginia: Regular: 2.75” – 3”, Grande 5” – 6”

An eastern oyster, Bayford’s deliciously dense meats lay in a juicy, deep cup. They are cultured in Nassawadox creek and are available year round.

Sewansecott – Chincoteague, Virginia: 2.75” – 3”+

Sewansecottt oysters are harvested by hand on demand. Their taste is a musky bouquet of sweet and salt. Available year round.