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Massachusetts Oysters

Eagle’s Nest – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts : 3”

These oysters are the larger of the Duxbury’s and measure 3 plus inches and have a larger, rounder, beautiful greenish shell. As with any Duxbury oysters they have a delectable buttery-briny taste mixed with a sweet hint of algae.

Blue Yonder – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts : 3’

Protected by Duxbury Bay, Cape Cod Massachusetts, Blue Yonder oysters are grown in specialized oyster cages which help produce a deep cup and a dense shell. They have an extremely clean, crisp, salty flavor that will leave you pining for more.

Katama Bay – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts :out to 3.5”

These oysters measure out over three inches and boast deep cups full of liquor and brightly colored meats. The strong ocean influence contributes to the intense brine accompanied with a sweet, flat finish. These large oysters please every time they slip out of their clean shell at a raw bar.

Wellfleet – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”

Wellfleets are farm-raised in salt marshes fed by fresh, flowing springs – an ideal environment. They have long shells with deep cups. Their meat is plump and tender with a balanced taste of creamysweetness and brine. Available year round.

Westport – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”+

These oysters are grown wild in Buzzard’s Bay near Westport Village. Their meats fill their cup and are briny with a sweet, seaweed finish. Available November through April.

Duxbury – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts: 3”

Duxbury Bay is home to these delicious oysters. They have a large shell and deep cups filled with silky meat that’s packed full of brine. Available year round.

Barnstable – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”

Harvested daily from the Jewel’s Island area, these oysters are filled to the brim with deliciously salty meats. Available year round.

Davenport – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.25”

Davenports are grown on flats in East Dennis’s Cape Cod Bay. Their cream colored meats burst with a robust brine. Available year round.

Martha’s Vineyard – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”

These oysters are raised in the Vineyard’s sparkling ocean waters. Fed by food-rich currents, Martha’s Vineyard oysters boast fat, velvety meats with a marvelous salty taste. Available November through May.

Falmouth – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”

Falmouth oysters are harvested in Cape Cod Bay. Their ivory white meat is creamy and plump with a strong brine taste that reputes them a true salt-water oyster. Available October through April.

Buzzards Bay – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”

Buzzards Bay is one of the Atlantic Ocean’s small bays and has been declared an Estuary of National Significance. Rightfully so, these oysters have a taste worth noting. They have plump meats with a flavor that’s crisp and briny. Available October through April.

Taylor Bay/Nasketucket – Taylor Bay, Massachusetts: 3” – 4”

Taylor oysters are known by word of mouth and loved by all. Their taste is exceptionally sweet with tinge of brine. Available year round.

Wareham – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”+

Wareham is located at the head of Buzzards Bay. It is a beautiful vacation destination that produces rich and briny oysters with smooth textured meat. December through April.

Chatham – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3.25” – 4”

The Oyster Pond Estuary is home to these fine oysters. Aquacultured for the half-shell market, Chatham oysters have plump meats that swim in a pool of briny liquor and have clean, refreshing taste. Available year round.

Riptide – Westport, Massachusetts: 3.5”

Riptides are grown in the Westport River, which is a lively body of water between Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay. Reflective of their name, Riptides oysters will draw you in with their piquant flavor and lush meats. Available June through February.