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Canada-Atlantic Oysters

Cupid’s Choice – Prince Edward Island, Canada : Roughly 3”

Full plump bellies are incased by clean rounded shells with deeply cupped bottoms. They are handsome in appearance, open up charmingly, aren’t afraid to expose their tenderness, and are extraordinarily sweet. The enchanting blast of brine from these loveable oysters will leave you feeling like you were hit by Cupid’s arrow.

Black Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 3” – 3.5”

These oysters are top grade choice oysters, with the best looking shells that are ideal for serving on-the-half-shell. While similar in taste to a Malpeque Oyster, Black Point Oysters are superior in appearance with the perfect balance of sweetness and brine.

Sweet Petites – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 2.5” – 3”

These oysters are cultivated in the pristine waters off Canada’s Prince Edward Island. Their thick russet colored shells enclose fattened meats that possess a briny blast and mild chew.

Momma Mia – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 2.5” – 3”

Hailing from PEI, these magnifico oysters measure out to 2.5”. A nice medium brine with a slightly fruity finish.

Caraquet – New Brunswick, Canada: 2” – 3”

Caraquets are grown wild in the cold waters of Caraquet Bay in northern New Brunswick. These delicate oysters have a deep cup, and their meat boasts a palate pleasing texture flavored with salt and butter. Available Mid-May through December.

Tatamagouche – Nova Scotia, Canada: 3” – 3.5”

A highly sought after oyster harvested from Tatamagouche Bay, which is located on the northern coast of Nova Scotia. “Tat’s” have a rich, salty start with a crisp finish. Great on the half shell plain or with a touch of lemon. Available Mid-May through December.

Bras d’Or – Nova Scotia, Canada: 3.25”

Bras d’Or means “Lake of Gold” and once you try these plump delicious oysters you will know why. They have a subtle flavor that really comes alive and their round cups are perfect for holding their treasured liquor. Available June through December.

Belon – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick: 1.5” – 3.5”

Belon’s were indigenous to France but are now aquacultured in various locations, including the crisp, icy waters of Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brusnwick. They are renown for their unique tannic and seaweed flavor and are the perfect oyster to serve on the half-shell. Available April through January.

Malpeque – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”

Harvested by tongs from a dory in pure cold waters of Malpeque Bay. Malpeque’s have been long recognized as one of the world’s finest oysters. They are easy to shuck and their meats have a rich, briny start and a fruit-like finish. Available April through December.

Rocky Bay – Prince Edward Island, Canada, 3” – 3.5”

Choice Grown on the treacherous south coast of Prince Edward Island, harvesting is difficult but well worth it. The waters are crystal clear and pure which give the Rocky Bay oyster a burst of salty liquor with a crisp finish. Available April through February.

Osprey Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3”

Choice Osprey Points are a top grade oyster with deep shells. Perfect on the half shell because of their salty liquor and sweet meat. Available April through December.

North Shore Gold – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3”

The name says it all with these delicious treasures! North Shore Golds are a choice oyster. Their plump meats are packed full of flavor – brisk brine with a sweet finish. Available April through December.

Salute – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”

Salutes are grown in Northumberland Straight, fed by a continuous, nutrient rich current. They have full,silky meats that are salty-sweet with a finish that’s refreshingly clean. Available April through December.

Salutation Cove – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”

This choice oyster is farm raised in the western inlets of Salutation Cove in Price Edward Island. Their meat is smooth and delicate; their charm is found in deliciously deep cups filled with crisp liquor that is salty with a pallet-pleasing sweet finish.

Sunberry Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”

Sunberry Cove is located in the Northumberland Straight, which whirls with nutrient rich waters. Sunberry oysters have fat meats bursting with brine, swimming in a deep pool of clean liquor. Available May through January.