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Canada-Atlantic Oysters

Cupid’s Choice – Prince Edward Island, Canada : Roughly 3”
Full plump bellies are incased by clean rounded shells with deeply cupped bottoms. They are handsome in appearance, open up charmingly, aren’t afraid to expose their tenderness, and are extraordinarily sweet. The enchanting blast of brine from these loveable oysters will leave you feeling like you were hit by Cupid’s arrow.

Black Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 3” – 3.5”
These oysters are top grade choice oysters, with the best looking shells that are ideal for serving on-the-half-shell. While similar in taste to a Malpeque Oyster, Black Point Oysters are superior in appearance with the perfect balance of sweetness and brine.

Sweet Petites – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 2.5” – 3”
These oysters are cultivated in the pristine waters off Canada’s Prince Edward Island. Their thick russet colored shells enclose fattened meats that possess a briny blast and mild chew.

Momma Mia – Prince Edward Island, Canada : 2.5” – 3”
Hailing from PEI, these magnifico oysters measure out to 2.5”. A nice medium brine with a slightly fruity finish.

Caraquet – New Brunswick, Canada: 2” – 3”
Caraquets are grown wild in the cold waters of Caraquet Bay in northern New Brunswick. These delicate oysters have a deep cup, and their meat boasts a palate pleasing texture flavored with salt and butter. Available Mid-May through December.

Tatamagouche – Nova Scotia, Canada: 3” – 3.5”
A highly sought after oyster harvested from Tatamagouche Bay, which is located on the northern coast of Nova Scotia. “Tat’s” have a rich, salty start with a crisp finish. Great on the half shell plain or with a touch of lemon. Available Mid-May through December.

Bras d’Or – Nova Scotia, Canada: 3.25”
Bras d’Or means “Lake of Gold” and once you try these plump delicious oysters you will know why. They have a subtle flavor that really comes alive and their round cups are perfect for holding their treasured liquor. Available June through December.

Belon – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick: 1.5” – 3.5”
Belon’s were indigenous to France but are now aquacultured in various locations, including the crisp, icy waters of Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brusnwick. They are renown for their unique tannic and seaweed flavor and are the perfect oyster to serve on the half-shell. Available April through January.

Malpeque – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”
Harvested by tongs from a dory in pure cold waters of Malpeque Bay. Malpeque’s have been long recognized as one of the world’s finest oysters. They are easy to shuck and their meats have a rich, briny start and a fruit-like finish. Available April through December.

Rocky Bay – Prince Edward Island, Canada, 3” – 3.5”
Choice Grown on the treacherous south coast of Prince Edward Island, harvesting is difficult but well worth it. The waters are crystal clear and pure which give the Rocky Bay oyster a burst of salty liquor with a crisp finish. Available April through February.

Osprey Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3”
Choice Osprey Points are a top grade oyster with deep shells. Perfect on the half shell because of their salty liquor and sweet meat. Available April through December.

North Shore Gold – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3”
The name says it all with these delicious treasures! North Shore Golds are a choice oyster. Their plump meats are packed full of flavor – brisk brine with a sweet finish. Available April through December.

Salute – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”
Salutes are grown in Northumberland Straight, fed by a continuous, nutrient rich current. They have full,silky meats that are salty-sweet with a finish that’s refreshingly clean. Available April through December.

Salutation Cove – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”
This choice oyster is farm raised in the western inlets of Salutation Cove in Price Edward Island. Their meat is smooth and delicate; their charm is found in deliciously deep cups filled with crisp liquor that is salty with a pallet-pleasing sweet finish.

Sunberry Point – Prince Edward Island, Canada: 3.5” – 4”
Sunberry Cove is located in the Northumberland Straight, which whirls with nutrient rich waters. Sunberry oysters have fat meats bursting with brine, swimming in a deep pool of clean liquor. Available May through January.

Maine Oysters

Brooksville – Bagaduce River, Maine : 2.5-3”
Also known as the “Bagaduce River Oyster.” These cold water Maine treats possess deep cups with a fruity, almost berry-like, finish.

Flying Point – Freeport, Maine: 3” – 4”
This round, deep cupped oyster is nursed in Maquoit Bay and farmed in Casco Bay in Freeport. Being trimmed and cleaned makes the Flying Point visually appealing for a raw bar, but good looks are just the surface. Their complex flavor is set apart by a hint of saltiness mixed with a pronounced sweetness. Available Mid-April through January.

Belon – Maine (various locations): 1.5” – 3.5”
Belon’s were indigenous to France but are now aquacultured in various locations, including the crisp, icy waters of Maine. They are renown for their unique tannic and seaweed flavor and are the perfect oyster to serve on the half-shell. Available April through January.

Pemaquid – Damariscotta, Maine: Cocktail: 3” – 4”, Select: 4” – 5”, Jumbo/Grillers: 5”+
This popular oyster is grown in the frigid waters of Damariscotta estuary (where the ocean tides meet the rivers current). Pemaquids are thick shelled, making them easy to shuck. Their taste is a crisp coldwater richness of salt and sweet. Available April through January.

Wawenauks – Muscongus Bay, Maine: Cocktail: 3” – 4”, Select: 4” – 5”,
Jumbo/Grillers: 5”+
Wawenauck’s are farmed where the Damariscotta River flows into Muscongus Bay. Their meat reflectsthe natural feel of Maine – a relaxed salty flavor with a smooth clean finish. Available April through January.

Massachusetts Oysters

Eagle’s Nest – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts : 3”
These oysters are the larger of the Duxbury’s and measure 3 plus inches and have a larger, rounder, beautiful greenish shell. As with any Duxbury oysters they have a delectable buttery-briny taste mixed with a sweet hint of algae.

Blue Yonder – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts : 3’
Protected by Duxbury Bay, Cape Cod Massachusetts, Blue Yonder oysters are grown in specialized oyster cages which help produce a deep cup and a dense shell. They have an extremely clean, crisp, salty flavor that will leave you pining for more.

Katama Bay – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts :out to 3.5”
These oysters measure out over three inches and boast deep cups full of liquor and brightly colored meats. The strong ocean influence contributes to the intense brine accompanied with a sweet, flat finish. These large oysters please every time they slip out of their clean shell at a raw bar.

Wellfleet – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”
Wellfleets are farm-raised in salt marshes fed by fresh, flowing springs – an ideal environment. They have long shells with deep cups. Their meat is plump and tender with a balanced taste of creamysweetness and brine. Available year round.

Westport – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”+
These oysters are grown wild in Buzzard’s Bay near Westport Village. Their meats fill their cup and are briny with a sweet, seaweed finish. Available November through April.

Duxbury – Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts: 3”
Duxbury Bay is home to these delicious oysters. They have a large shell and deep cups filled with silky meat that’s packed full of brine. Available year round.

Barnstable – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”
Harvested daily from the Jewel’s Island area, these oysters are filled to the brim with deliciously salty meats. Available year round.

Davenport – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.25
Davenports are grown on flats in East Dennis’s Cape Cod Bay. Their cream colored meats burst with a robust brine. Available year round.

Martha’s Vineyard – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”
These oysters are raised in the Vineyard’s sparkling ocean waters. Fed by food-rich currents, Martha’s Vineyard oysters boast fat, velvety meats with a marvelous salty taste. Available November through May.

Falmouth – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”
Falmouth oysters are harvested in Cape Cod Bay. Their ivory white meat is creamy and plump with a strong brine taste that reputes them a true salt-water oyster. Available October through April.

Buzzards Bay – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3” – 3.5”
Buzzards Bay is one of the Atlantic Ocean’s small bays and has been declared an Estuary of National Significance. Rightfully so, these oysters have a taste worth noting. They have plump meats with a flavor that’s crisp and briny. Available October through April.

Taylor Bay/Nasketucket – Taylor Bay, Massachusetts: 3” – 4”
Taylor oysters are known by word of mouth and loved by all. Their taste is exceptionally sweet with tinge of brine. Available year round.

Wareham – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3”+
Wareham is located at the head of Buzzards Bay. It is a beautiful vacation destination that produces rich and briny oysters with smooth textured meat. December through April.

Chatham – Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 3.25” – 4”
The Oyster Pond Estuary is home to these fine oysters. Aquacultured for the half-shell market, Chatham oysters have plump meats that swim in a pool of briny liquor and have clean, refreshing taste. Available year round.

Riptide – Westport, Massachusetts: 3.5”
Riptides are grown in the Westport River, which is a lively body of water between Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay. Reflective of their name, Riptides oysters will draw you in with their piquant flavor and lush meats. Available June through February.

Rhode Island Oysters

Salt Pond Select – Narragansett, Rhode Island: 3” – 4”
Salt Pond Selects are grown in Point Judith Pond (also home to Moonstones). Their large meats have an extremely sweet and simultaneously tannic taste, which makes them a very popular raw bar oyster. Available year round.

Moonstone – Wakefield, Rhode Island: 3.5” – 4”
Grown in Point Judith Pond, Moonstones are large oysters with very deep cups. They have a strong, full- bodied brine start and a lingering a tannic finish. Available year round.

Matunucks – Matunuck, Rhode Island: 3”
Choice Grown on Potter’s Pond, this oyster’s petite cup is brimming with plump meat that has a crisp, briny start and a sweet aftertaste. They’re also known as Potter Cove or Potter Moon oysters. Available September through June.

Ninigret – Charlestown, Rhode Island: 3”
Known as Ninigret Cups, these oysters go through a very complex growing process. However, their taste is well worth all the effort – a buttery sweet start with a gentle salt finish. Available September through June.

Rome Point – North Kingston, Rhode Island: 3” – 3.5”
Rome Points are grown in Narragansett Bay under oceanic conditions. Often described as a “full strength” salt-water oyster, they have a big mineral flavor, equally paired with brine. Available year round.

East Beach Blondes – Rhode Island: 3” – 3.5”
Choice These “blonde” beauties are grown in the Charlestown Salt Pond, East Beach, RI. They have a salty start with a buttery aftertaste. Available September through June.

Wild Goose – Rhode Island: 3” – 4”
These oysters are grown in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay often described as a drowned river valley carved by ice age glaciers. They have a rich mineral ocean flavor with a creamy aftertaste. Available September through March.

Cedar Island – Rhode Island: 3”
Choice Cedar Islands are grown in a variety of salt ponds around Rhode Island. Harvested by the grower of the Moonstone oyster (says it all!), they start with a strong burst of brine and end with a sweet, buttery finish. Available September through March

Connecticut Oysters

Blue Point – Long Island Sound, Connecticut: 3” – 4”
Connecticut blue points are harvested from native beds in a wild environment off the shores of Long Island Sound. The clean, high salinity waters of this area produce fat, salt infused, delectable meats. Available year round.

Whale Rock – Mystic River, Connecticut: 3.5” – 4”
These much sought after oysters are hatched in Noank, CT and then grown in the icy Mystic River. Whale Rocks have a very deep cup that houses a succulent meat, swimming in salty, tannic liquor. Available year round.

New York Oysters

Blue Point – Long Island, New York: 3” – 3.5”
The original “Blue Point”, this famous oyster is wild cultured in the Oyster Bay of Long Island. These oysters are traditionally eaten on the half shell. Their meats are firm with a gentle brine and sweet aftertaste. Available year round.

Mid-Atlantic Oysters

Shooting Point – Nassawadox Creek, Virginia : 2.75” – 3”+
These oysters define unspoiled seaside The Atlantic tide rushing across white sand and brushed by the peat of the pristine marshes of the Atlantic Coast Reserve result in the purest form of salt oyster. Shells with honey hues, slightly sweet plump meats, and an incredible pure brine finish that can only be equated to kissing the sea herself.

Virginia – Various Harvest Locations 2.75″ – 3″+
Virginia oysters have plump meats with a whisper of salty sweetness and a distinct mineral finish. Available year round.

Delaware – Delaware Bay, New Jersey: 3” – 4”
Delaware Bay’s fresh waters mix with the Atlantic Ocean, creating an amazing estuary. Delaware oysters have substantial, thick meats that are sweet and nutty, coupled with a sharp brine essence. Available year round.

Chesapeake – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland: 2.75″ – 3″+
Chesapeake Bay isn’t famous just for their soft shell crabs, but also their oysters – known in circles as “Chesapeake White Gold.” Their fat, creamy meats are a perfect harmony of brine and sweet. Available October through June.

Chincoteague – Chincoteague Island, Virginia: 2.75” – 3”+
The crisp, salty waters of the Atlantic flowing through the Chincoteague Inlet feed these oysters. Chincoteague’s meats are large and salty. Available year round.

Bayford (Salt Works) – Virginia: Regular: 2.75” – 3”, Grande 5” – 6”
An eastern oyster, Bayford’s deliciously dense meats lay in a juicy, deep cup. They are cultured in Nassawadox creek and are available year round.

Sewansecott – Chincoteague, Virginia: 2.75” – 3”+
Sewansecottt oysters are harvested by hand on demand. Their taste is a musky bouquet of sweet and salt. Available year round.

Pacific Oysters

Quilcene – Washington State: Extra Small: 2.5” – 3″, Small: 3” – 4”,
Medium 4” – 5”
These Japanese oysters are harvested from Quilcene Bay, which is at the northwest end of the Hood Canal in Puget Sound, then beach grown. They have a medium brininess, clean flavor, and cucumber-like finish. Available year round.

Sun Hollow – Washington State: Extra Small: 2.5” – 3″, Small: 3” – 4”, Medium 4” – 5”
The lower tidal zone of the Hood Canal is home to these fast growing oysters. This area’s water is rich in phytoplankton, which gives this oyster fat meat with a taste that’s a melody of sweet and salty. Available year round.

Sunset Beach – Washington State: Extra Small: 2.5” – 3″, Small: 3” – 4”, Medium 4” – 5”
These oysters are grown in the shallows of the Hood Canal. The area’s currents naturally clean and shape the shells, giving them an eye pleasing appearance. The meat is rich and silky with a sweet start, salty middle and mineral finish. Available year round.