Soft Shell Crabs – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

These blue crabs are captured in their molted state (soft shell stage) so that their full shell is edible.Whether these meaty crustaceans are fried, grilled or broiled, they regarded as a true delicacy of Chesapeake Bay and are available May through October. They are packed in specially designed trays to prevent breakage. Grades include:

Weight Tip to Tip Length Packing
Whales 5.35 oz & up 5.5” & up 1 Dozen
Jumbos 3.9-5.3 oz 5″ – 5.5” 1 1⁄2 Dozen
Primes 2.6-3.9 oz 4.5″ – 5” 2 Dozen
Hotels 1.9-2.6 oz 4″ – 4.5” 2 1⁄2 Dozen
Mediums 1.2-1.9 oz 3.5″ – 4” 3 Dozen


Hard Shell Blue Crabs – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Hard Shell Blue Crabs are America’s best selling crab. Why? Some say it is the water in Chesapeake Bay that gives them a one of a kind flavor. Their tender meat has a luscious sweet buttery taste not found in any other crab. Sold in bushels. Always in season, available all year round.


Our selection of crabmeat includes all leg and mixed meat from Maine and jumbo lump, back fin, special, and claw from Maryland. Jumbo lump contains whole lumps of white meat, back fin has large pieces of lump and some body meat, and claw meat is darker and sweeter than body meat. Whatever your delight, each selection is packed in convenient eight-ounce or one pound containers and available throughout the year.


There is nothing quite like the taste of an original, handmade, Maryland-style crab cake! Ours are packed full of delectable, sweet blue crab meat. We also offer gluten-free crabcakes. A long-standing favorite for generations, Crab Cakes from Cape Cod Shellfish make a perfect appetizer or entrée and are always a big hit!