Icy Blue Mussels – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Icy Blue premium P.E.I. mussels are a private label of Cape Cod Shellfish. Harvested from the clean, cold waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada; they are “rope grown” in mesh stockings that are suspended from long lines. These beautiful, hand selected mussels are tender and sweet. They have a uniform look, appealing color, high meat yield, and require little prep work. Always in season, available year round.

Organic Choice Mussels – Prince Edward Island, Canada

From seeds to mature mussels, to continually protecting the pristine Island waters, our Organic Choice Mussels define the hard work and care that have made our PEI Mussels famous worldwide. Cape Cod Shellfish is proud to have our mussels accredited as organic through the systematic protocols, approach and proven standards set forth by Global Trust, a leader in aquaculture certification. Our Organic Choice Mussels provide assurance that every aspect of our mussel farming and processing is given the care and attention that organic seeking consumers demand in today’s marketplace.

Green Isle Mussels – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Green Isle Mussels are a brand inspired by the lush aquaculture of Prince Edward Island. They are hand-farmed by local fisherman in the rich Gulf of St. Lawrence. Green Isle Mussels are visually fetching with any dish and are flourishing with sumptuous meat. Always in season, available year round.

Pure Island Blue Mussels – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Our inspiration for the Pure Island Blue Mussels brand was the basking beaches of Prince Edward Island. The clean, clear water where they are harvested results in a pure and natural premium mussel. With a taste akin to the harmony of the sea and the beauty of a hand-plucked shell, Pure Island Blue Mussels are a brand that is sure to please.

Black Ice Mussels – Canada

These mussels are harvested from the Canadian province of Newfoundland. The nutrient rich and crisp icy currents of the Arctic feed these sweet and succulent mussels. Black Ice Mussels are visually appealing and deliciously plump. Always in season, available year round.

Maine Blue Mussels – Maine

Grown naturally in the icy waters of the Atlantic, Maine Blue Mussels are an exclusive label from Cape Cod Shellfish. Maine Blues are a New England favorite and often used in traditional clambakes. They have a unique, sweet taste and supple meats. Always in season, available year round.

Shucked Mussel Meat

Love mussels but want to skip the prep work? Well let us do the work for you! Cape Cod Shellfish carries shucked moist and plump Maine mussel meat packed in clear liquid. It is as rich in color as it is in taste. For your convenience, our mussel meat is readily available all year in convenient eight pound gallons.